A light and fun article today! Working with cats, or life as a freelancer who works with purring little things around!

You might have seen them on my Instagram sometimes, but I’m going to introduce them before getting to the very heart of the matter!
They’re 6 (yes, assumed cat lady!), and their names are Jiji, Watson, Poppy, Lupin, Daigo and Nowaki. All from rescues except Poppy that we found on the street. And it gets the party started daily in the apartment!

And as I work from home, you can imagine that, like any self-respecting cat, they don’t know what a schedule is!




A cat on my lap while I’m translating.
A cat on my keyboard as soon as I turn my back (caught in the act, Lupin!).
A cat (or two) on my chair as soon as I take a break (this is Poppy and Nowaki below!).
A cat that pushes things off furniture to get my attention (Watson, cover picture!).
A meowing cat asking for treats (I denounce Daigo!).
A cat snoring so loud that I can’t concentrate (Jiji…).

But I couldn’t live (and work) without them, they’re the best colleagues I’ve ever had!




Poppy & Nowaki