Impostor syndrome is a common feeling among freelancers. And this post isn’t an umpteenth one about the topic, rest assured, others have written about it very well already!
But, although it’s necessary to take the heat out of this terrible feeling of not being worthy of what happens to us, because it’s all but productive to constantly tell yourself that you’re just being lucky, there’s a counterpart to impostor symdrome: putting all your doubts on the account of it, when your questioning is actually legitimate..



Impostor syndrome: Feeling that consists of denying your worth, doubting your rightfulness in your work, and attributing all your successes to luck.

You will encounter this feeling at a moment or another, especially if like me you’re self-taught in the area which you work in.

Legitimate questioning: you fucked up somewhere, now you need to own it up!

Basically, you know deep down that you screwed up, and that it’s not just a fleeting sensation of lack of confidence, but… it’s hard to admit it!



Let me reassure you: both can get solved easily, the first with a little more self esteem, the other with a bit of work.

You see, these questions that are bugging you (“what if I wasn’t good enough?”, “what if it was my fault that the client refused my application?”, “what if I deserved the bad feedback my client gave to me?” etc) don’t necessarily come from impostor syndrome nagging at your confidence, and though it’s easier to swipe those under the rug and move on, it’s sometimes useful to do a little self analysis. Just in case…



Did you really give your best to that client?
Could you eventually better your capacities in an area and do you notice a lacuna?
Is your strategy in need of a readjustment?

Impostor syndrome is insidious, but denying the truth by putting what you feel on account of the syndrome and closing your eyes on points that could ruin your business is even more insidious.

So, don’t hesitate: do a personal checkup, it takes 5 minutes, and if you’re at the top, then you only need to fight back this ugly syndrome with a success backlog in the head!
And otherwise… get to work!