My name is Audrey, known under the pen name Kei. I’m a writer.

My website’s name is Cloudbusting because it’s the song that made me want to write. Kate Bush’s lyrics are for me the perfect example of storytelling, style, poetry and expression of emotions. It made me all at the same time want to discover her other lyrics, to search the topic she was talking about in the song, the person she talked about as well, to read books by this person… everything a story should have the ambition to do: open the reader to new horizons and knowledge.


My main activity is fiction (novels, short stories…) but I also write articles. I write in both English and French. I’m a native French speaker, but I am fully bilingual.


I’ll spare you the paragraph about my passion for writing, which should be obvious by now with the career I chose 🙂
Just know what’s relevant to you choosing to work with me: I’ve been a freelancer since 2009, I started as a webdesigner but switched to writing in 2011 due to opportunities going that way, and I have found my calling after trying it all. My versatility brings me adaptability to the topics I write about, and
my autism (Asperger) guarantees you accuracy, respect of deadlines and rigour 😉


I’ve had time, since I started, to experience all aspects of writing, many different topics and niches (cosmetics when I worked with Lush, entertainment with Cleo’s Rock n’ Pole blogChrome n’ Heels or The Unicorn, white papers for many companies…).
Check my blog to get a feel of what I can do, my portfolio, or my services page to see if your needs and my writing can match!


My niche is positivity and fun!
While I mainly write for cosmetics, fashion, and entertainment/arts (but open to new horizons!), I made bringing a smile to the reader’s lips and brightening up their mood my special field. From an uplifting tone to straight humor, nerdy references and play on words, I create a connection with the reader.

As Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”