September is bringing this ‘back to work’ motivation that’s perfect for starting new things, so, aspiring writers, why not finally write this book you’ve been putting off for way too long? Why not remove the ‘aspiring’ part of your writer title? Take the plunge with these 3 steps to go from aspiring writer to writer and make it happen!



That’s probably the most important of all 3 steps so I’m putting it first!
There’s this recurring idea when I coach writers that they suck too much at writing to actually write something people want to read. First, if you write for an audience before anything else, you’re not doing it for the right reasons. Secondly, why would you have to be good at it to do anything? I’m terrible at yoga but I enjoy it so I do yoga!
In short: if you want to write, write! Putting on yourself the pressure of being good immediately will make your blockages worse (fear of failing, writer’s block etc…) and take all the fun away (it might take work and dedication, but it can still be enjoyable!), and also, since you can’t progress at writing if you don’t write, you have to start somewhere! Just do it and see what happens, promise, it can only get better!



“I’d write a book if only I could find the time.” I hear this one a lot (more than one in two times when people ask me what I do for a living and I say I’m a writer). Everyone seems to want to write a book, but the fact is, there’s always something stopping them, time coming first.
There’s no secret here and I’m going to be blunt, but if you have something to write, make time to actually do it. Life gets in the way, I get that, but it’s like going to the gym, some people are good at making excuses: too tired, something more urgent to do, not in the mood… But you don’t achieve anything by making excuses. You don’t need to be a freelance writer, it doesn’t even need to be your job for you to make time, if you really want it. All you need is to make writing a priority at some point in your day/week. To give you an example, when I still worked for a boss (ew!) I used to write at least two hours at home after a 9 hours shift, and every break during my work day was spent writing as well, because I really wanted it!



There’s a big article coming in the following weeks about writer’s block, because it deserves a full blog post, but to make it short here: waiting for inspiration will lead you nowhere. Yes, sometimes you have ideas and it’s easier to write, but you can’t count on ideas to get anywhere with your writing. Writing is an act of perseverance, not a wait for your muse to kick in. You could wait a very long time, forever, even.
Not having a topic is a different thing, obviously you need to have something to say, otherwise, why would you be writing? But once the subject is there, do research, note everything down when something pops up in your head… there are a lot of ways to beat lack of inspo!


See, it’s that simple, 3 steps to go from aspiring writer to writer and you’re one! A writer is not someone who’s been published, who’s famous. A writer is someone who writes consistently.


So, what are you waiting for? (And no, the answer is not inspiration! 😅)